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CLEBAE Tooling Consultants

CLEBAE Tooling Consultants is committed to bringing high quality plastic injected part.

Using our 20 plus years of experience CLEBAE Tooling Consultants can assist you in all your plastic molded parts from conception to production.

CLEBAE Tooling Consultants Is a new company with a fresh approach to the traditional Tooling Engineering position. CLEBAE prides itself on being able to offer support at any stage of your project. Although starting at conception can save time and money CLEBAE Tooling Consultants can step in at any stage and offer 20 plus years of experience that will aid you in a successful project and smooth project. CLEBAE Tooling Consultants offers Geometry validation, Part decoration, manufacturing, tooling support, Product design, MoldFlow, CLEBAE Tooling Consultants has extensive experience in domestic as well as Asian molding and development.

Brent Eikanas founder of CLEBAE Tooling Consultants has over 20 years of experience in the tooling business and has gained his experience with companies like Apple, Palm, Trend Technologies, Furon, and his own tool building company BE Precision.

Geometry Validation
Geometry validation is a crucial step that is often times overlooked. By having a tooling expert work side by side with the product designer you will catch and implement problems as they arise and eliminate delays in the tool build phase. This process is helpful to the tool design as

Offshore Molding Clebae Tooling Consultants Value Add Services Model Making/Machining Tooling Molding US

you will have already implemented properly, draft, shut offs, and slide lifter features. Often times these features get implemented on the fly at the tool design phase. This has potential for delay due to the fact that these kinds of changes can trickle through to other parts. The second factor is that your data base does not always get updated to match the actual parts.

CLEBAE Tooling Consultants will go through your geometry files and use our 20 plus years of experience to validate your files for tooling and assembly optimization.